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Zedible is a climate tech SaaS platform to help decarbonise the food and hospitality sectors through data. Make Co2 a KPI. Zedible shows what is driving carbon in your food and drink purchases, then helps you move the dial to reduce Co2.  All that the platform needs is a CSV file or to be connected to your purchasing software to start analysing and producing the report with reduction recommendations.

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Sustainability Considerations

Zedible’s core product is a map & track feature to understand the CO2 originating from food & drink purchases.

Zedible enable any operation where food represents a significant part of its purchasing to start to measure what is driving CO2 and then see opportunities to reduce CO2 from product switch outs, whilst understanding the commercial impact of these changes. The emissions are on the plate in food & drink operations, whether thats hospitality, universities or the public sector catering. We want to give more data in a digestible way to help in the challenge.

Tackling the CO2 from purchasing is a complex, granular task. There is no silver bullet, it’s about sustained improvement, banking incremental gains made from purchasing decisions. Zedible is here to be part of your journey to a lower carbon future.

Environmental Credentials

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  • Tech for good

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