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ECOsmart is the leading certification system for hotels, meeting venues, short stay apartments and pubs with meeting rooms. It is increasingly recognised as the credible and affordable marque that organisations can display to demonstrate their commitment to environmental sustainability and achievement of recognised standards.

Inspiring & empowering meaningful change.

The leading certification used by organisations around the globe to demonstrate their commitment to environmental sustainability.

How it works

Greater Sustainability Starts Here

Start your journey by registering your property on the ECOsmart portal and add your property profile. Pay your annual subscription fee.

It's Quick, Simple & Intuitive

Complete the online survey using the ECOsmart online system. You’re on your way to being part of the positive change!

Your Green Credentials will be Recognised

Submit your completed survey. Our team of experts will review your submission and confirm the award level. Download your certificate. Now it’s time to shout about your achievement!

And Enjoy Ecosmart Flex Appeal

ECOsmart is the only certification that continually recognises your sustainability improvements, upgrading your ECOsmart certification level accordingly.

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My ECOsmart Portal

Your management tool

We have created a tool to certify and support your sustainability journey. The MyECOsmart management tool is built for ease of use and effortlessly guides you on your path to greater sustainability, providing an overview, project management and management information. A unique feature of the system is that it continually recognises your sustainability improvements throughout your annual subscription and upgrades your ECOsmart certification accordingly.

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The ECOsmart certification provides a quality stamp of approval that helps companies make a sustainable decision when booking a hotel, meeting venue or serviced apartment.

Measuring Your Sustainability


ECOsmart by Greengage


Embark on your sustainability journey with ECOsmart. Register on our portal, complete the online survey via our user-friendly system and demonstrate your sustainability commitment in five key areas:


ECOsmart Platinum venue installed over 2,700 solar panels for green energy

Focusing on the Footprint

Energy & Water Conservation

Focusing on the property’s environmental footprint reveals a pathway to a more environmentally friendly and sustainable building. Opportunities open up for optimising light, heat and water management. Moving to 100% renewable energy sources enables you to reduce your carbon footprint, improve your energy security and significantly reduce your energy costs.


ECOsmart Platinum venue has eradicated single-use plastic


Reduce, Re-Use & Recycle

Waste Management & Recycling

Traditionally a large volume of food, packaging and non-food waste is produced by hospitality and hotel venues. The focus here is on creating a meaningful plan for reducing waste, eliminating single use plastics and recycling everything you can. In addition to improved sustainability, it can also benefit the bottom line in terms of reducing food costs.

Wyboston Lakes

ECOsmart Platinum venue has 30 chargers for electric vehicles


Adjusting the Environment

Rooms & Facilities

This is about bringing green initiatives to your property and adjusting the environment and facilities to incorporate eco-friendly elements that enhance rather than detract from the guest experience.

Friends House

ECOsmart Platinum member uses fresh and locally sourced ingredients in their meeting rooms, café and restaurant.

Healthy, Sustainable Options

Food & Beverage

Offering healthy options and having environmentally friendly products, plus adopting a purchasing plan that favours nearby growers and food providers is a great way to support local suppliers whilst also reducing carbon emissions associated with transportation.

Did You Know?

ECOsmart Platinum Venue donates surplus foods to local food banks


Staff, Customers & Suppliers

Corporate & Social Responsibility

And finally, your organisation’s commitment to best-practice environmental and social sustainability. In particular we look for an approach that engages and supports staff, customers, suppliers and your local area.

Certifications covering hotels, venues, serviced apartments, pubs and inns.

The ECOsmart certification adds credibility to your green initiatives and identifies any gaps to prioritise improvements… making sure you’re on the right track.

Collaborate with ECOmap

Sustainable Minds

ECOsmart certified properties are automatically added to the ECOmap venue searching tool. Greengage partners who book accommodation and meetings have access too. Our vision is to create a community – connecting organisations and promoting their sustainable stories and achievement. 

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Conference & Awards

Celebrating our members in 2024

What an inspiring day! The amazing turnout at this year’s Sustainability Conference and Awards was an encouraging indication of the desire from industry colleagues to come and learn about best practice and be inspired to take action. 

Both the attendees and guest speakers reaffirmed our shared dedication to drive positive change and serves as a testament to our commitment to growth, an eagerness to learn, and a passion for exchanging ideas.

Together we are paving the way towards a brighter, more sustainable future.

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