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Supporting organisations at any stage of their sustainability journey.

We’re an optimistic bunch who believe that knowledge plus action equals impact…

From discussions on where and how to start being more sustainable through to measuring carbon output and importantly offering a straightforward, affordable certification system – ECOsmart – we are inspiring and empowering organisations to create meaningful change to help fight the environmental crisis.

Our industry leading sustainability certification system – ECOsmart, not only validates a business’s commitment to being sustainable but is also helping build a global community that is united by its desire to help protect and save our precious planet from the ravages of climate change.

We believe that sustainability is not a destination – it’s a journey, and we travel side by side with our members on that journey. Our platforms and tools are built for ease of use, total transparency and always aim to be best in breed. We are always pragmatic in our approach and share our expertise with open hearts and minds, forging connections and building a community of like-minded thinkers that work together to strive for greater change.

Our aim is always to help, guide and educate. – establishing sustainability firmly on the agenda in a way that is easy yet powerful and real.

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Did You Know?

78% of travellers intend to stay in a sustainable property at least once in the coming year

Hotels and meeting venues

Helping develop a more eco-friendly approach, recognised through Greengage ECOsmart certification and promoted through event agencies and our online Green Venues directory.

About ECOsmart

Did You Know?

83% of travel buyers are concerned about their organisation’s carbon footprint

Corporates and public sector organisations

Consulting solutions for the pathway to greater sustainability, especially in meetings and business travel.

360 Consultancy

Did You Know?

70% of travel buyers rely on their travel management company for sustainability advice

Travel, meeting & event agencies

Advising on sustainability best practice and assisting with solutions for clients requiring a sustainable approach.

ECOsmart for Agents

Did You Know?

46% of consumers expect brands to take the lead on bringing about sustainable change

Green product & service providers

Sourcing and promoting green products and services that will add value to our other partners.

Green Directory

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