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What is ECOsmart Certification for hotels and venues?

ECOsmart is the certification programme of Greengage Solutions – showcasing and supporting eco-friendly hotels and conference venues that meet ECOsmart’s certified standards of sustainability.

What are the sustainability requirements to achieve ECOsmart?

ECOsmart is a leading industry standard certification, awarded to hotels and meeting venues that can demonstrate an eco-friendly service approach in five key areas:

1. Energy and Water Conservation
A focus on reducing utility bills as well as a property’s environmental footprint. Energy smart management systems to reduce consumption such as energy efficient lighting, motion sensors and water flow constrictors.

2. Waste Management & Recycling
An estimated 29% of food in hotels is wasted. Sustainable practices such as limiting the amount of waste generated onsite and reducing the amount of waste going to landfill can be achieved by recycling. In addition, measures such as eliminating single use plastics, embedding recycling processes and using eco-friendly cleaning products.

3. Rooms and Facilities
Adjusting the guest and meeting room environment and facilities to incorporate eco-friendly elements that do not detract from the guest / delegate experience. Practices such as the re-use of linen and towels, eco-friendly bathroom toiletries and specific green meeting and events services.

4. Food and Beverage
Adopt F&B practices that support a sustainable approach and that visibly add to guest choice and experience. Such as vegetarian and vegan meal options, locally sourced produce and avoiding endangered fish species.

5. Corporate and Social Responsibility
Have in place an environmental sustainability plan (and monitoring) to engage and educate hotel staff. Supported by pro-active engagement of guests and the local community. Initiatives could include a documented sustainability mission statement, staff training and support of local community initiatives.

What are the benefits for a hotel/venue or agency achieving a sustainability certification?

A recognised sustainability certification gives businesses a competitive advantage and improves brand image. It can reduce costs and ultimately ensures a future-proofed business. It also helps to attract and retain talent as more employees are looking for ethically responsible workplaces. Combined, the benefits of holding a sustainability certification improves a business’ triple bottom line covering profit, people, and the planet. The regenerative economy will support and reward those organisations that truly contribute to society and the planet.

Can you help us be more sustainable?

Greengage recognise that sustainability is a journey with a moving destination. ECOsmart is more than a certification, we have created a community (the hub) where we work and support to encourage our members to continue improving. We offering the following support:

* Reviewing supply chain

* Measure of carbon emissions

* Carbon Neutral commitments

* Sustainable policy and advice

What about Greengage? How green are you?

Greengage was launched with a passion and dedication to make an impact and change within the travel and events industry. We want to work with all our partners to be as sustainable as they can. However, we understand we must lead by example, all our staff have had IEMA Climate Reality training. As a company we are also working hard to reduce our business and personal impact on the world.

Greengage took the commitment to offset our emissions with Gold Standard projects at the start of each year.

How long does it take to be certified and what happens afterwards?

Once you have registered your property you can access the online ECOsmart sustainability survey. This is likely to take around one day to complete, if you have the information to hand. Our expert team will then review your survey submission and let you know the ECOsmart award level you have attained (from Bronze to Platinum).

You will be able to access your ECOsmart report and recommendations as well as a certificate and marketing collateral. Your venue will be added to the ECOmap on our Greengage website and communicated to our agency and venue directory partners.

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