Toaste Ale

Toast ale brews planet-saving craft beer with surplus fresh bread that would otherwise be wasted. All profits go to charities fixing the food system.

Sustainable Products

A range of four craft beers sold in 330ml bottles and cans

  • Craft Lager – a hop-forward contemporary craft lager

  • Pale Ale – a smooth, well balanced Pale Ale

  • Session IPA – a hoppy, zesty Session IPA

  • American Pale Ale – a fruity, refreshing American Pale Ale

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  • UK Made
  • Vegan
  • Recycled ingredients (surplus bread)
  • Profits go to charities

Toast Ale has prevented over 2 million slices of surplus fresh bread from being wasted. By using surplus bread to replace virgin barley Toast reduces the demand for land, uses less water, conserves energy and carbon emissions. All the ales are vegan. The bread does not contain any animal products, and vegan finings are used to filter and stabilise the beer (many beers use Isinglass, a product made from the gall bladders of fish).

Toast has committed to Net Zero by 2030. They are determined to reduce their emissions (and that of their supply chain and customers) as far as possible before offsetting. Their 2019 carbon footprint was 92t CO2.

All profits go to charities fixing the food system.

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