Why Shorter Showers Matter – “Sing Sustainably”

Why Shorter Showers Matter – “Shower & Sing – Sustainably

Water consumption in hotels, particularly in guest rooms and common bathrooms, accounts for a significant portion of their total usage.

A single hotel room can consume between 60,000 to 220,000 litres of water a year, leading to high water and energy costs.  So, it’s vital for hotels to prioritise water conservation, not only for environmental sustainability, but also for economic reasons.  

According to the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance just over 50% of a hotel’s total water consumption is through hotel rooms and common bathrooms, with showers accounting for 56% of water usage in guest rooms.  Cutting a daily shower from eight minutes to four can save around 36 litres of water. These figures underscore the significant impact that promoting four-minute showers can have on reducing water usage and associated costs for hotels.

Promoting the 4-Minute Shower

Hotels can play a pivotal role by encouraging water-saving habits. At Greengage we have created a 4-minute shower playlist on Spotify , designed to motivate guests and make the experience enjoyable. We can provide “Shower & Sing – Sustainably” vinyl shower stickers to encourage guests to adopt the practice. 

By promoting the 4-minute shower and implementing other water-saving measures, hotels can not only contribute to environmental sustainability but also engage their guests in meaningful conservation efforts.

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