Pioneering Sustainability in Hospitality and Events Venues

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In today’s world, where environmental consciousness is at the forefront of global discussions, businesses within the British hospitality and events industry are increasingly seeking ways to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability. Whilst there maybe a range of sustainable certifications in the market, we feel our ECOsmart certification stands out as setting new standards for sustainable progression and agility.

Unlike static certification programmes that grant badges indefinitely, ECOsmart certification for meeting venues and accommodation providers (like hotels & short stay apartments) operates on an agile platform. This ensures continual reassessment to maintain the highest standards of sustainability. Our unique approach acknowledges the ever-evolving nature of sustainability practices and encourages venues to stay current with the latest eco-friendly initiatives.

One of the hallmarks of the ECOsmart certification is our commitment to guiding venues towards continuous improvement. Upon receiving their badges, venues are not merely left to rest on their laurels. Instead, we actively encourage them to aspire to the next level of certification. This proactive approach fosters a culture of innovation and ambition, driving venues to implement new initiatives and adopt best practices in sustainability.

Remarkably, our efforts have yielded significant results, with an impressive 37% of accommodation and venues typically progressing to the next level within just seven months of receiving their initial badges. This statistic speaks volumes about the dedication and determination of our certified venues to make meaningful strides towards a greener future.

Each badge and certificate issued through the ECOsmart programme is dated, serving as a testament to a venue’s dedication to sustainability for that specific period. This emphasis on accountability ensures that a venues’ award status accurately reflects their current eco-friendly initiatives.

The dynamic nature of our certification process allows us to provide real-time data through our API, making it the most comprehensive and reliable source of sustainability information in the marketplace. By continually reassessing venues and updating their badge levels as needed, we ensure that our data remains accurate and actionable for businesses and consumers alike.

We strongly believe these standards should be in place for all sustainability certifications. Hotel and venue partners tell us there are other certification schemes where venues remain on websites and third-party platforms without reassessment or renewal for years. This not only risks undermining the integrity of the certification process but also poses risks to consumers if they rely on outdated information to make informed decisions.

Our commitment to guiding venues along their sustainability journey extends beyond mere certification – it’s about fostering a community of change-makers dedicated to making a positive impact on the planet. Together, we are redefining what it means to be environmentally responsible and setting new standards for sustainable progression in the British hospitality and events industry.

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