Exciting News on the Sustainable Events Front

If you’re a venue dedicated to hosting sustainable events, do we have some fabulous news for you! We’re rolling out our ground breaking EVENTsmart for venues* tool, making it a breeze for you to offer your clients detailed carbon footprint reports for all their events.

What’s EVENTsmart for venues All About?

Launched in 2022, EVENTsmart was the very first carbon calculator crafted specifically for venues. It let venues track the carbon footprint of all meetings and events happening on their premises.

And now, with the latest update, you can extend this insightful service to your clients, measuring emissions for every event without breaking a sweat (or the bank)!

Our CEO Andrew Perolls shares his excitement: “It’s a first for the sector. EVENTsmart for venues enables venues to generate comprehensive sustainability reports quickly and efficiently. The tool, powered by Smart Carbon, is available as a white label product, allowing venues to present every client with a carbon footprint report each time they stage an event.”

Early Adopters Leading the Way

Lambeth Palace Events is one of the first to jump on board.

Louise Donovan, Director of Events and Engagement, says:  “We are very pleased to be implementing EVENTsmart for venues. The software helps us to measure and reduce the carbon footprint for all our events, aligning with our commitment to environmental stewardship.”


Key Features You’ll Love

– Customisable Data: Include unique data like renewable energy sources, carbon-measured menus and transportation methods.

– Delegate Intensity Factor: Calculate the carbon footprint per delegate for more detailed insights.

– Scope 3 Emissions: Provide your corporate clients with precise data on all their events’ Scope 3 emissions.

– HCMI Integration: Seamlessly integrates with the Hotel Carbon Measurement Initiative, helping you align with global best practices.

Get Started with ECOsmart Certified Venues

For now, EVENTsmart for venues is available to Greengage’s roster of ECOsmart certified properties and venues. But don’t worry, it’s rolling out to all venues this autumn.

Want to find a venue that can provide an event carbon footprint?

Just head over to Greengage’s ECOmap and start planning your green events today!

Want to find out more?

Contact our commercial director Louise Boyse:  louise.boyse@greengage.solutions


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