Embracing B Corp Month

It’s March and we find ourselves amidst a significant moment for ethical businesses worldwide—it’s B Corp Month! Here at Greengage, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve recently completed our B Corp impact assessment. This milestone marks a pivotal step in our journey towards becoming a certified B Corporation, a goal we’ve been passionately pursuing.

For those unfamiliar, B Corporations (or B Corps) are a community of businesses committed to balancing purpose and profit. They meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. Achieving B Corp certification requires us to complete a comprehensive assessment of our business practices – evaluating our impact across various areas such as governance, workers, community, and environment.

Undertaking the B Corp assessment has been an eye-opening experience for us. It’s provided us with a structured framework to holistically evaluate and improve our business operations. Through this process, we’ve delved deep into every aspect of our organisation, from our company culture and employee benefits to our environmental footprint and community engagement initiatives.

One of the most valuable aspects of the assessment has been to highlight areas where we can make meaningful changes. It’s encouraged us to think critically about how our decisions and actions impact not only our bottom line but also the world around us. By undergoing this evaluation, we’ve identified opportunities to enhance our sustainability efforts, strengthen our relationships with stakeholders, and foster a more inclusive and equitable workplace.

As we eagerly await the review of our B Corp assessment, we’re filled with anticipation and optimism. Achieving B Corp certification would be a testament to our commitment to using business as a force for good. It would validate the hard work and dedication of our team members who have been instrumental in driving positive change within our organisation.

In celebrating B Corp Month, we invite you to join us on this journey towards a more sustainable and purposeful future. Together, we can prove that business can be a force for good and inspire others to follow suit. 

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