ECOsmart approved by Travalyst Coalition

Greengage is proud to have the ECOsmart accreditation approved by the Travalyst Coalition.

Travalyst Coalition is a partnership of travel industry stakeholders and organisations committed to promoting sustainable tourism. The coalition includes major companies such as, Skyscanner, TripAdvisor, Visa, and the Ctrip Group, among others.

Travalyst Coalition aims to drive positive change in the travel industry by addressing various sustainability challenges. One of its focus areas is hotel accreditation. The Coalition recognises the significance of accommodation in the overall sustainability of travel and tourism.

Travalyst Coalition works to develop and recommend hotel accreditation frameworks that assess and promote sustainable practices within the hotel industry. These accreditation frameworks typically include criteria related to energy efficiency, water conservation, waste management, responsible sourcing, community engagement, and environmental protection.

By endorsing specific accreditation frameworks, Travalyst Coalition aims to encourage hotels to adopt sustainable practices and provide travellers with transparent information about their environmental and social impact. This helps travellers make informed choices and supports the wider adoption of sustainable practices within the hotel industry.

By building upon existing standards, and in consultation with the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), the coalition is working to collect data from accommodation providers based on an agreed list of attributes; covering operational and policy information across five sustainability categories. Using an aligned methodology, that data is then displayed as consistent sustainability information that consumers can begin to recognise and understand.

This makes it as simple as possible for consumers to find sustainable places to stay.

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