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What is ECOsmart for Agencies?

The ECOsmart certification for Agencies is the gateway to a more sustainable future in the world of Travel Management Companies and Event Agencies.

Designed to assess and position you as a sustainable company, we start with an in-depth online survey to understand where you currently are and pinpoint areas where you can make a real difference. From there, we craft a tailored roadmap, a practical plan with clear steps, guiding you towards certification. Once you’ve successfully achieved certification, you’ll receive more than just a certificate. We provide you with a comprehensive report, certification and marketing collateral that will serve as invaluable assets, helping you market your Agency’s commitment to sustainability and effortlessly answer those tough sustainability questions in client RFPs.

We review and update the plan on an annual basis to ensure you stay at the forefront of sustainability.

Why Certification?

Organisations are changing the way they operate. A Greengage survey revealed 81% of companies believe sustainability is very important to their business planning and working with sustainably focussed partners is a high priority.

In today’s world, sustainability isn’t an afterthought, it’s a core pillar of business success.

ECOsmart is not just a green badge; it’s a commitment to the future, a pledge to align your business with the values and expectations of today’s world.


Certification Process

Greater Sustainability Starts Here

Start your journey by registering your agency on the ECOsmart portal. Pay your annual subscription fee.

It's Quick, Simple & Intuitive

Complete the online survey using the ECOsmart online system. You’re on your way to being part of the positive change!

Planning a sustainable pathway

Through consulting, review and discussion we’ll create a gap-analysis and help prioritise a sustainability plan of action.

Your green credentials will be recognised

A full report and action plan is issued along with your certificate and marketing collateral. Now it’s time to shout about your achievements.

What can we help organisations achieve?

ECOsmart for Agencies
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Satisfying clients’ expectations
  • Enhancing reputation
  • Competitive advantage
  • Potential financial savings
  • Enhancing a culture that engages and retains staff
  • Demonstrating a commitment to continous improvement
  • Supporting an effective CSR (corporate and social responsibility) approach

Consulting and Certification Package includes

ECOsmart for Agencies
  • A comprehensive survey-based audit process and gap analysis to review sustainability processes and practices in place (both Environmental and Social Responsibility)
  • Consulting advice and materials to assist in creating a short and long-term plan that addresses gaps, identifies opportunities and optimises effects of sustainability measures
  • Bespoke 45 minute sustainability awareness staff training session
  • Greengage Hub 12 months membership and privileges
  • Greengage ECOsmart certification
  • Access to our network of ECOsmart hotels and venues.
    Promotion on our website as an ECOsmart partner.

Other available "Bolt On" services

ECOsmart for Agencies
  • Corporate carbon footprint measurement through the SmartCarbon emissions SECR compliant reporting platform.
  • Office visit(s) to support the certification process.
  • On-going support for implementing and measuring progress of sustainability strategy, client tender sustainability support, net zero carbon roadmap implementation, sustainability marketing and communications, technical support

£999 +VAT

for organisations up to 20 employees

£1199 +VAT

for organisations over 20 employees

£1999 +VAT

for organisations over 50 employees


(including international scope) POA

Collaborate with ECOmap

Sustainable Minds

ECOsmart certified properties are automatically added to the ECOmap venue searching tool. Greengage partners who book accommodation and meetings have access too. Our vision is to create a community – connecting organisations and promoting their sustainable stories and achievement. 

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